Anqi Wang

Anqi (Andrew) is a New York-based multifaceted artist with a passion for filmmaking and music.

Anqi is an award-winning filmmaker. His works cover short films, documentaries, wedding films, music videos and more. "The Great Wall", a short fiction film directed and edited by Anqi, has won numerous awards including Independent Short Awards, Best Shorts Competition, NewFilmmakers NY and JellyFEST.  "Seventy", a short film edited by Anqi was screened at the 55th Golden Horse Film Festival "金馬影展".

Anqi is a pianist and music arranger. He began playing the piano at age 6. At the age of 12, he won a national piano competition in China and a top 10 piano players' award in Jiangsu Province. He was the former art director of the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Orchestra. In the US, he has performed as the pianist and music arranger of the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA at important venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Capitol Hill and The Oculus. He is also a private piano instructor.

电影导演/摄影/剪辑师: 他的作品涵盖了电影短片,纪录片,婚礼短片和音乐短片等。他编剧,导演和剪辑的作品 《独奏会》入选诸多电影节,包括洛杉矶独立短片电影节,最佳短片竞赛,纽约新电影人电影节等。他剪辑的作品《七十》入选第55届金马影展等诸多影展。
钢琴演奏/交响乐编曲: 6岁开始练习钢琴,12岁获得全国推新人大赛全国总决赛优秀奖,江苏省十佳等。曾担任南京邮电大学交响乐团艺术总监。在美国,他作为钢琴家和编曲人跟随美国亚文交响乐团,演出足迹包括了卡内基音乐厅,林肯中心音乐厅,国会山等。


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