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Anqi Wang is a New York-based Filmmaker & Musician.

He offers a versatile skill set including directing, cinematography, and editing. With experience in narrative fiction, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and more, Anqi’s wide-ranging expertise in film extends beyond traditional boundaries. Anqi also cultivates a lively musical career, actively performing as a pianist and producing music in New York.



From a young age, Anqi was passionate about documenting the world around him through visuals and sound. With early digital cameras and recorders, he taught himself digital editing techniques, producing numerous films for family and friends. Upon entering university, Anqi chose to pursue a major in film/video production. He arrived in New York in 2014 to undertake an MFA in Film. During his studies, he actively participated in student short film productions, receiving scholarships such as the BAFTA Taffner Family Trust Scholar. His graduation film “The Great Wall,” for which he served as director, producer, writer, and editor, won numerous awards, including the Independent Shorts Awards and Best Shorts Competition. The film he edited, “Seventy,” was awarded the National Board of Review Student Grant and was selected for the 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Outside of academia, Anqi has garnered a wealth of independent production experience, directing, shooting, and editing various commercials, short films and documentaries. After graduation, he established his own video production studio, having independently completed a range of projects such as music videos, live concert recordings, commercial production, and social media videos. He has become an exclusive videographer for many artists and companies. In addition, he created the ANQIFILMS, a company specializing in wedding film production, which enjoys a good reputation and high recognition.



Anqi began learning piano at the age of six. He demonstrated exceptional musical talent early on, winning multiple national youth piano competitions. He held several solo concerts in his hometown of Xuzhou. As an art director of the university’s student symphony orchestra, he took on various responsibilities, including piano solos, symphony orchestration, composing, and conducting. After moving to New York in 2014, Anqi actively participated in musical events, performing piano solos, composing, and creating film scores. He was invited to join the Asian Cultural Symphony, where he contributed many symphonic orchestrations and performed as a pianist. In 2018, he performed a solo of the piano concerto “The Yellow River” in Long Island, gaining acclaim for his outstanding stage presence. In the same year, Anqi became a private student of the pianist Yin Chengzong and performed as Yin’s second piano in concertos by Mozart, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and others. Anqi also frequently collaborates with New York musicians, including violinist Hu, Shenghua of the Metropolitan Opera, for performances and recordings. He actively performs at various venues in New York, including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

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